About 370Location.org

This project is dedicated to locating missing Malaysian flight MH370.

Reanalysis of previously dismissed acoustic sensor data is being used to narrow the search area.

CTBTO hydrophone recordings were obtained in early June 2016 and have yielded surprising results.

Ongoing reports with candidate events have been submitted to search authorities.

New coherence analysis tools are revealing a rich tapestry of acoustic detail as research continues.

SOFAR sound channel velocity and depth derived from World Ocean Atlas 13v2 March data

So, who is Ed Anderson and why is he doing this?

Nowadays, I keep a pretty low profile. In the early days of the interwebs, I was less shy. One of my strongest motivations has always been when my intuition conflicts with others telling me that something is impossible. My positive drive is the Aha! moment of insight, that often comes from brainstorming. My career has gravitated toward solving difficult puzzles. For the curious, here’s a short bio:

  • At age 14 in 1970, I was an active ham, advanced class WB9KGJ, taught classes, did TV repair, and built digital welding controls.
  • By mid-70’s I left college and the midwest to San Francisco, engineering microcomputers from arcade games, to an aircraft carrier.
  • In 1980, I was designing microcomputers and robots. (Helped Bill Gates get my HD controller working with his S100 computer).
  • By mid-80’s I was building graphics processors for video & slide capture, porting RT/OS, writing PhotoShop plugins for hardware.
  • In 1990, I received US Patent 4945294 for micropositioning an image sensor with HDRI. Used as prior art for JPEG in a camera.
  • By mid-90’s I was optimizing image morphing algorithms, then took a sabbatical into volunteer work on psoriasis support.
  • Since 2000, I’ve had the honor of working for a Silicon Valley VIP on various projects, which frees me to pursue my own interests.
  • I continue to gather tools and knowledge as needed to supplant my intuition towards a goal. (This is key!)
  • One of those goals is harnessing wave and tidal energy through some novel designs.
  • Deciphering the MH370 acoustic clues has been one if my greatest challenges, requiring research into multiple fields.
  • But, why? Essentially, I could not find experts who had the time to dig deeper, which compelled me to explore the possibilities.

This site is not about me. It is a technological approach to finding closure for all of us who are confounded by the loss of flight MH370.