A Consistent MH370 Waypoint Path to a Specific 7th Arc Location

Proposed here is a more complete waypoint path that builds on prior submitted findings, using new acoustic data that was not included in the official MH370 report. A previous waypoint path running tangent along the second BTO ping arc suggests a continued flight path between navigational waypoints in the Indian Ocean. Preliminary acoustic detections of … Read more

Examining the Tangent Path of MH370

The designated 7th Arc search area was based in part on the assumption of a straight flight path after flight MH370 turned south. The timing of the ping rings indicates that the plane appeared to fly on either a linear or curved path that approached and then receded from satellite. It would have been closest … Read more

Cocos Island Infrasound May Be Key to Locating MH370

There is an array of eight infrasound recorders at Cocos Keeling West Island that was continuously collecting data during the flight of MH370. That data has been unavailable to the public. Further study was previously dismissed after separate analyses in early 2014 by multiple governmental research teams that found no infrasound evidence of flight MH370. … Read more

Acoustic Evidence for an MH370 Flyby at Cocos Island

Cocos Keeling West Island is an isolated atoll in the Southern Indian Ocean with an airport that routinely handles large commercial jet aircraft. It also has continuously recording infrasound detectors and seismometers. A straight line flight path to the previous MH370 search area would have passed far to the west of the island. As the … Read more